Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The thing about rape is....

That 44% of the victims are under the age of 18, 80% are under 30... Every 2 minutes, just in the USA, another name is added to that list. And we are supposed to be the beacon of light in the world? 

The young man in our project video, wearing the Ohio University shirt, was actually still in high school when that video was recorded on his friend's phone. The teenage girl that got "peed on," that's referred to as "deader than O.J.'s wife," was an under class-men who, after being coerced to go out that night, had been roofied with the first drink she was handed when she got in the car with her "friends" earlier in the evening. She was then taken from spot to spot to be repeatedly sexually assaulted by several different young men-- the high school football team.

When I first heard about this case, from Steubenville, Ohio, I had just finished making this piece titled: Common Occurrence.

Layered beneath the images, text about various date-rape drugs illuminate many facts. When I heard these young men jokingly refer to her over and over again as the "dead girl," a very poignant quote from that text kept coming back to me: 

"Please note: Rohypnol, combined and in conjunction with alcohol can very easily cause death." 
The reason why they were able to parade her around, "pee on" her, and put their "wangs in the butt-hole" without her waking up is because she was literally a hair's width away from death.

And there is a reason why children are capable of these heinous acts: because we raise them in a society that tells them women are objects to be used and cast aside.

We can change this for our children, but we have to start today.

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